GB/T 10045-2001 E501T-1 EQUIVALENT NORM :AWS A5.20 E70T-1/JIS Z3213 YFW-C50DM


LY-E502T-1 is a titanium oxide type and CO 2 gas shielded flux- cored welding wire .It can be used for all position welding with excellent welding performances: stable arc,low spatters,good weld shape,and slag easy to remove.Designed for optimum performance on materials with high levels of rust,oil,or mill scale. The wire has stable and reliable quality both inside and surface, and with its high stiffness and smooth feedability,it has high welding efficiency.


Suitable for welding medium and thick plates fabricated by mild steel and 490MPa grade high strength steel.Popularly used in flat and horizontal and fillet welds of vessels,machines and bridges,etc.

a.Using CO 2 as shielding gas,and its purity must be above 99.98%.
b.Windshield must be set up in the welding zone,due to gas porosity may be caused by strong wind.
c.The temperature should be kept below 150℃ for multi-pass welding.

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