GB/T 17853 E308LT1-1 EQUIVALENT NORM :AWS A5.22 E308LT1-1 JIS3323 YF308LC


LY-E308LT1-1 deposited metal contains low carbon,and it shows excellent welding performance,high crack resistance and good resisting corrosion property. No heat-treatment after welding.


Suitable for welding structures resisting corrosion. Impurities at the weld zone must be cleared away,such as oil,moisture etc. Weld bead shows good appearance and it has very good welding performance with small spatters and stable arc.

a.Using CO?  as shielding gas,and its purity must be above 99.98%.
b.Windshield must be set up in the welding zone,due to gas porosity may be caused by strong wind.

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