GB /T 984 EDZ-A1-08


LY-D608 is graphitic type coating hardfacing electrode.Both AC and DC can be applied and it is more suitable to adopt DC with the electrode contacting reversed polarity. Welding arc is stable and slag is easy to remove when welding.It shows good performance in welding.


Suitable for welding the parts bearing abrasion and slight impact by the grains of sand,such as parts of agricultural and mining equipment.

a.Welding electrodes must be baked for 1 hour at the temperature of 250℃ before welding.
b.Before welding ,the hardfacing weld metal must be cleared away impurities,such as rust,oil,moisture etc.
c.Before welding,the welded pieces should be preheated to the temperature of 400-500℃ .
d.Hardfacing layers can’t be processed by cutting, can only by wearing.

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