GB /T 984 EDCr-B-15


LY-D517 is a low hydrogen potassium type hardfacing electrode.DC is applied and the electrode should be contacted reversed polarity.


It is a kind of generality surface electrode .Compared with LY D512,surfacing layer of LY D517 is harder and has better wear-resistance,so it is hard to process. It is used for hardfacing axles made of carbon steel or low alloy steel,and also suitable for hot steam valves,agitator blades,screw conveyor blades,etc.

a.Welding electrodes must be baked for 1 hour at the temperature of 250℃ before welding.
b.Before welding ,the hardfacing weld metal must be cleared impurities away,such as rust,oil,moisture etc.
c.Before welding,the welded pieces should be preheated to the temperature above 300℃ , and corresponding hardness can be obtained with different temperature heat-treatment after welding.

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