GB/T 983 E347-16 EQUIVALENT NORM:AWS A5.4 E347L-16


a.LY-E347L-16 is a lime titanium type ultralow carbon welding electrode containing stable niobium element for stainless steel.Due to the low carbon deposited metal contains stable element niobium,it has excellent mechanical properties and shows good resistibility to intergranular corrosion. b.Both AC and DC can be applied.It can be used for all position welding and it shows a very good welding performance with a fine appearance of weld.


Suitable for welding base metal of A1S1 347,321,304,SUS 347,321,304L,etc.

a.Before welding,the welding electrodes should be baked at the temperature from 300 to 350℃ for one hour.
b.The stainless steel brush must be used to clean the weld seam,in order to avoid iron filings penetrating there to affect its quality.

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