GB/T 983 E310-15 EQUIVALENT NORM:AWS A5.4 E310-15


a. LY-E310-15 is a low hydrogen type pure austenite structure welding electrode for stainless steel.The weld seam deposited metal shows excellent antioxidation and corrosion resistibility at the temperature of 900-1100℃. b.DC is applied and the electrode should be contacted reversed polarity.It can be used for all position welding with excellent performances:stable arc, small spatters,good appearance of weld.And also the welding electrode shows good heat-resistance character,not easy to turn red.


Suitable for welding 25Cr-20Ni(A1S1 310S) and structures (with good heat-resistance) resisting high temperature of 1100℃ .Also it could weld dissimilar steels.

a.Before welding,the welding electrodes should be baked at the temperature from 300 to 350℃ for one hour.
b.The stainless steel brush must be used to clean the weld seam,in order to avoid iron filings penetrating there to affect its quality.
c.Small current is recommended and arc length must be controlled, in order to avoid cracking.

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