GB/T 983 E309Mo-16 EQUIVALENT NORM: AWS A5.4 E309Mo-16


a.Compared with LY-E309-16,LY E309Mo-16 contains 2-3%Mo element,so it has a very good heat-resistibility and shows better properties in toughness,crack-resistance , creep-resistance and corrosion-resistance. b.DC is applied and the electrode should be contacted reversed polarity.It is used for all position welding with excellent performances:stable arc,small spatters,good appearance of weld.And also the welding electrode shows good heat-resistance character,not easy to turn red.


Suitable for welding A1S1 316/316L,317 stainless steel and carbon steel, A1S1 316 cover-layer steels.

a.Before welding,the welding electrodes should be baked at the temperature from 300 to 350℃ for one hour.
b.The stainless steel brush must be used to clean the weld seam,in order to avoid iron filings penetrating there to affect its quality.

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