GB/T 5293 F4A2-H08A\F5A2-H08MnA EQUIVALENT NORM: AWS A5.17 F6A0-EL12\F7A0-EM12


LY-301 is silicon calcium neutral sintered flux allklinity is 1.0, gray spherical particles, granularity is 10-60mesh;it shows good welding performances: stable arc, fine appearance of weld,slag easy to remove.High heat input multi-layers and multi-pass welding and high speed welding can be satisfied and it forms on double sides by one side welding.Both AC and DC can be applied and when DC,the wire should be contacted straight polarity.


Matched proper wire,e.g.H08MnA,H08A,etc,it is used for welding steel structures,such as boilers,pressure vessel,bridges,oilcans,ships and so on.

a.Before welding,the welding flux should be baked at the temperature from 300 to 350℃ for 1-2 hours .
b.Before welding,the weld metal must be cleared away impurities ,such as rust,oil,moisture etc.

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